2016 Feedback


Ana Paula Castro– AFS – Brasil

“It was very organized, caring and useful to live the experience of the sending students. In order to sell the courses you must feel like a student and the real benefits you are offering. This week was a perfect sample of the nice time the students will have in a CLLC school.”

Sandra Vargas– Go Global – Colombia

“I would not hesitate to recommend any agency to spend a week at CLLC Big Event. It is a unique experience to get to know and interact with the people that makes CLLC a wonderful school. I was very impressed about the generosity and hospitality by all CLLC team. By having visited the schools, I feel so confident to offer CLLC to my students. I know that CLLC is a school I can trust. CLLC`s big Event is inspiring!”

Eliana Sehn – Teacher English Class – Brazil

“I definitely recommend… As said before, it was a great learning experience in terms of business, school policies, Canadian hospitality, great and committed staff… really I just have great words to describe the days I spent in Canada. I felt home, indeed. You were all very welcoming, supportive, close to us and so very professional. You certainly make a difference and I will work hard to send my students to CLLC on a regular basis, because I am sure they will be very happy and satisfied. Also the cities we visited were just amazing!”

Eser Tuncay – ESSE – Turkey

“CLLC’s fam trip was so colourful, friendly and warm. CLLC is the top for me. I would definitely advise an Agency to participate in your fam trip. It was the most meaningful and fruitful fam trip for me.”

Gabriella Elias Estrella – AFS – Dominican Republic

“I would definitely recommend other agencies to attend this event in the future, because not only was it fun but it was also an enriching experience where I got to learn a lot from people who already have experience in this area.”

Sergio Fernandez – Student Exchange Programs – Colombia

“I’ve been to a lot of schools, but this is the first school I’ve been to where they have the best team, the real family, and they also have the best place for the students to study….the campuses are beautiful.”

Tuan Nguyen – Dai Duong Education – Vietnam

“I’ve learned a lot from Aly’s experience in this industry. It’s been amazing and fantastic!”

Antonella Drompt – AD Voyages Langues et Cultures – Switzerland

“CLLC was like a mystery school that was appealing to me. Go and experience it yourself and you will understand, and you will like it!”

Khristian Rueda – Yaicos – Chile

“It exceeded my expectations all the way because I never thought a school could have such a connection with people they didn’t even know. This is the first time I’ve known these guys and they made me feel so good. They treat me like family and it’s just awesome.”

Berk Alyeni – ICES Turkey – Turkey

“They are a family with core values, so this is something special for us as well. So we have a lot of schools that we’re working with but there’s something special with CLLC, and Aly as well.”

Marcus Araujo – SILA Intercambio – Brazil

“CLLC is the school that all my students feel comfortable, they feel as a family here. That’s why for me this is the best place.”