2014 Feedback


Elinor Zucchet – Head of Marketing – Timpany Language Courses S.L.

“Dear CLLC team (please forward this to the seal as I didn’t have its e-mail address), Just a small e-mail to thank you all for inviting me to the big event! It was great to meet you all and discover CLLC spirit, schools and cities. I was very impressed with CLLC organization, professionalism and friendliness and I will share my impressions with my colleagues here at Timpany. Kindest regards from Barcelona.”

Richard Li – General Manager – Nanjing Guoda Education Consultancy

“Thank you for organizing such a wonderful Big Event! It was a great opportunity for me to get to know and understand CLLC and your team this time. I was strongly impressed by the everything during the event, which is encouraging us to work more closely with CLLC and refer more students. Again, thank you for having invited me to attend the big event and I look forward to a more fruitful cooperation in the future.”

Antonio Crusoe Jr. – Director – BEX Brazilian Exchange – Intercambio Cultural

“I wanted to say thank you for your warm welcome and nice organization of the Big Event. I was very impressed not only with the schools facilities but mainly with the quality and hospitality of the staff. For sure it is a very special fact to convince my sales staff to offer CLLC.

Sameer Beyan – Academic Advisor – Global Admissions for Educational Services

“Greetings, I hope you’re doing well. Thanks a lot for your wonderful e-mail and the wonderful times that we spent together in Canada. It was our honor and pleasure to meet you during the “Big Event” and get in touch with all the members of CLLC team. We did spent one of the most wonderful days in Canada, it was very remarkable and unforgettable to US.”

Senem Altansunar – Director – CDS Ltd. Sti.

“Dear Aly and Sibel, I have just came to the office this noonJ and my first email is to you two. I would like to thank you for inviting me for your event, it was a very useful one for me in business manners. I loved your schools in Toronto and Ottawa. I also loved the certificate program, thanks for sharing all the information with us. You made the event more than business, I am happy that I got to know you better Aly. I think you are a man with a very big heart and dignity, It made me so happy to see that there are still people like you in this world. And Sibel, thanks for being so sweet. I love CLLC staff!”

Derci Jardim – Director – Cultura Global Intercâmbio

“Hello Aly. Greetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil! Thank you for your kindness. My time in Toronto, my favorite city, was really great. I could meet and know many people from different countries and some of them are very fun. It was great to see again Mike, Jackie and Derrick. It was great to meet Ottawa’s staff. Thank you for this opportunity. I will see you soon.”

Oya Apaydin – Branch Manager – TEOREM International Education Consultancy

“My Dear CLLC Family, First I’ve thought to send each of you a separate mail but at a second thought I noticed that you-each and every one of you- become my dear CLLC family therefore decided to write one mail to my newly found family in Canada. As a start I owe you an apology for being so late to thank youL but as you know I stayed in Vancouver 2 more weeks after “Big Event” and it took sometime to adjust my daily routine. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your warm hospitality and gracious welcoming… I have been to many fam-trips throughout the years, but it was the first time and a delight to see a loving team interact and enjoy each other’s company which showed me how a “team of professionals” can be close and supporting in spite of everyday pressures. Dear Aly, you and all of you guys have created a great “wow” atmosphere! To be honest with you, I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable and memorable time than I had at the “Big Event”. Though 52 different people from different cultures and backgrounds and yet I’ve heard nothing but praise from all who attended it. The whole team were well prepared. Everyone felt that you did a superb job organizing the Management Training, presentations, trips to Ottawa and amazing Niagara, Graceful Paba Awards Gala, delicious meals and moreover the fabulous company… I would like to thank you for making it such a worthwhile experience I know you spent many months & lot of energy planning the event- and it showed ! As I had the chance to meet Aly in Antalya, Turkey 3 years ago when he visited me with Sibel, I was kind of expecting this but you guys lived up all & beyond my expectations and certainly have set a new standard for Fam-Trip planners. When I think about the highlights of the trip, each memory beats the other. I truly enjoyed every single moment of the whole trip but I don’t think I’ll ever forget Aly’s and Derrick’s funny stories.  It was so nice to meet all of you, now each name not only has a face with it but memories as well… Thank you for being such considerate, generous, fun hosts and being great characters and big smiles… now I know my students will be in the right hands.”

Luisa Cabezas – General Manager, Colombia & Venezuela – Tour Idiomas

“Dear Aly, I hope this email finds you well! I am writing in this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude towards choosing Tour Idiomas to participate in the event held by CLLC. For me it was a very grateful surprise the effort and time invested by your institute in such event, which allowed the agencies to have a full training on the programs offered by CLLC as a partner. It is important to notice that in ten years of operations of Tour Idiomas as an agency, no other school has invested such amount of time to share its knowledge with partners. I am confident this will be a great contribution for our company. I would also like to point out that every detail that your staff had with the agencies were excellent, I am very pleased to have participated in the event.”

Angy Vinueza – Owner, XPLORER Ecuador

“Dear Aly and team, Warm greetings from all of us at XPLORER Ecuador, hoping this letter find you doing very well.First, we would like to thank you for your hospitality this past week; it was quite a learning experience. We appreciate all of you and your team’s hard work. Let us congratulate you for a very professional “First CLLC Big event”. You sure know how to exceed expectations. Last but not least we want to mention the admiration that we have for you as a person. We have been following you through the years and seeing how you are touching so many lives with your staff, your partners, the students and all others, with ethics and values. We are proud to consider you a friend and a member of our international family. We can only wish you many more years of success; you have all of our support and commitment. This is our time to give back and recruit strongly for CLLC, not because of your recognition of our organization, but because we know the quality of school that you run. Sincerely yours, Gloria, Angy, Fernanda and the rest of our team.”